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The Garden of Eatin’

The Garden of Eatin’ was a six year project that existed from 2014-2019. During that time we planted, watered, weeded and harvested for many hours. We raised the following produce: tomatoes; cherry tomatoes; cucumbers; green beans; yellow beans; pole beans; onions; radishes; lettuce; kale; swiss chard; spinach; potatoes; zucchini squash; acorn squash; butternut squash; carrots; beets; brussels sprouts; pea pods and watermelon. These flowers were raised as well: zinnias; marigolds; nasturtiums; and cannas. Butterflies and hummingbirds often visited the garden.

               There was 1,446 pounds of produce raised. All was given away to church members, neighbors, Salvation Army and the House of Hope. We hope that his project was an inspiration to others to plant either vegetable gardens or pollinator gardens. It can be a easy as planting a pot of tomatoes or flowers on your deck.