Our Savior's Lutheran Church

Who We Are

Our Mission statement reflects our history and our future: We are active believers, renewed by the Holy Spirit, giving glory to God.  Reaching out to others, we bring hope in Christ to the community and the world.

In 1941, Our Savior's began as a mission-minded congregation in a residential area of Waterloo, Iowa.

Throughout the years, we have had many people, many pastors, many ministries, and many changes to our faces and our building.

In 2016, we celebrate 75 years of mission in our community and beyond.

Our Staff

Interim Pastor: Rick Biedermann

email: pastoroslcwloo@gmail.com

Administrative Assistant: Sharon Shivers

email: oslcwloo@q.com

Custodian: Bill Martin

Choir Director: Dale Knoblock

Organist: Blaine Woodson

Alleluia Director: Henry Kerns